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Sunday, July 18, 2010


"Najib took just over 15 minutes to deliver his closing speech as he said “my wife has said all that I wanted to say”."

Wives of elected reps told to ensure husbands do their jobs

By Charlie Rudai

KOTA KINABALU: The wives of Barisan Nasional (BN) elected representatives have been given a special task by Prime Minister Najib Tin Razak - checking whether their husbands are doing their jobs.
He told this a group of women in Sabah on Saturday that they should ensure their husbands discharge their responsibilities to their respective constituencies and voters.

“We can say that the core business of wives of elected representatives is to become the partner (of their spouse) not only in managing domestic affairs properly but also to meet the need of the husbands.

“If all this has been managed well the husbands can do their job better as elected representatives or a members of the government,” Najib told a closed three-day meeting of the wives of BN elected representatives hosted by the Sabah government at a hotel here Saturday, Najib, who is also the BN chairman, said for elected representatives their most important responsibility is to work wholeheartedly that they are loved by their constituents.

“If we can relate this core business (of elected representatives) with the core business of wives (of elected representatives) only then we will be able to carry out our duties better,” he said.

The Prime Minister also urged welfare bodies set up by the wives of elected representatives to assist the government identify social issues like poverty eradication, pollution and social ills. Najib thanked the state government for hosting the Bakisa (Sabah Assemblymen Wives Welfare Body), event in a grand manner.

Rosmah slipped
Earlier, the Prime Minister's wife Rosmah Mansor caused a slight commotion when she slipped and fell on while descending from the stage after delivering her speech as the President of Bakti (Welfare Body for Wives of Federal Ministers and Deputy Ministers and Barisan Nasional MP).

She had just delivered a speech that lasted more than 40 minutes at the closing ceremony of the wives of BN elected representatives annual programme when she fell that drew a loud scream and gasps from those gathered.

Rosmah did not hide her anger to her bodyguard who failed to catch her hand as she was slipping. In front of the packed ballroom in a major resort and spa here, once she picked herself up, pulled away from her bodyguard and refused to be guided by the back to her seat. She also waved her finger crossly at her female bodyguard as though rebuking and blaming her for letting her fall. Musa, who was about to deliver his speech after Rosmah, stopped for about five minutes as Najib, Musa and other dignitaries at the VVIP tables checked on Rosmah. Other wives of the elected representatives sitting near the main table also went to see her.

After indicating that she was fine with a smile, Musa made his way to the rostrum but stopped at the place where Rosmah had fallen and scratched the surface of the staircase with his shoe. “True it is very slippery,” he said before proceeding with his speech.  However, her husband Najib did not touch on the matter when he went to deliver his speech to close the annual programme.

Najib took just over 15 minutes to deliver his closing speech as he said “my wife has said all that I wanted to say”.

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