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Thursday, July 22, 2010


Heat wave continues to bake eastern Japan
The recent extremely hot weather continued to affect large parts of Japan on Wednesday, leading to at least 2 deaths. The Meteorological Agency said temperatures did not fall much overnight across the country, and that the high atmospheric pressure is continuing to prolong the heat wave. The daytime high reached 38.9 degrees Celsius in Tatebayashi City, Gunma Prefecture, north of Tokyo. More than 170 people across the country were taken to hospital for heatstroke. Of those, 2 senior citizens died after collapsing while tending their fields in eastern Japan.
Severe cold kills over 20 in South America
A severe cold wave gripping South America has dumped heavy snow even in areas which are usually without snow. Dozens of deaths due to cold weather are reported in Buenos Aires and elsewhere.

Last week, a cold air mass moved in from the Antarctic to South America.

More than 20 mostly homeless people died in the Argentine capital, where the temperature dropped to minus 1.5 degrees Celsius last week. The temperature is more than 8 degrees lower than the city's average overnight low for July. Weather-related deaths have also been reported in Bolivia and Paraguay. In central Bolivia, record snowfall has paralyzed public transport systems. The region rarely gets snow.
In the Brazilian state of Sao Paulo, more than 500 Magellan penguins were found dead on the shores.  At this time of year, Magellan penguins migrate to Brazil's warmer coastal areas from South America's southern tip. A biologist says autopsies on several penguins revealed that their stomachs were empty. Experts say the penguins may have starved to death after the fish they usually feed on became scarce due to a change in tide and unusually cold water temperatures.

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