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Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Kalau Jual di Malaysia Boleh Laku Tak?

Portable heatstroke warning device becomes a hit
A portable device that issues heatstroke warnings is selling well, as unusually hot weather continues in the country.

The device monitors temperature and humidity, and rates the risks of heatstroke at 5 levels. When the risk is high, a red light comes on and a buzzer sounds.

The product comes in several models. Prices range from around 12 to 23 dollars.

Released in June last year, sales of the gadget picked up sharply this year. Retailers say families with elderly people and small children as well as construction workers are the main customers.

A woman who bought the device at a drugstore in Tokyo says she will give it to her mother, who is living alone.

The manager of the store says 30 units have been sold since the beginning of July.

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