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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

KERETA MESRA ALAM - Kalau kat MALAYSIA berapa harganya?

Rasanya kereta ni tak sampai kat Malaysia kot tapi kalau jual berapa agaknya harganya? 
$41,000 = RM 143,000 lepas tu campur import tax (luar ASEAN) campur AP tolak diskaun sebab Environmental Car RM 500,000 kot. Kalau NISSAN LEAF pulak mahu RM 300,000 kot.... hmmm tunggu ler kot PROTON atau PERODUA atau TOYOTA AUTO BODY diberi kebenaran bawak ke MALAYSIA buat HYBRID

GM to price Chevy Volt at $41,000

General Motors has set a price of 41,000 dollars for the Chevrolet Volt, an electric plug-in hybrid car slated for a US debut later this year. The automaker made the announcement on Tuesday.

The Volt has been under development since 2007. It has a small gasoline engine dedicated to recharging its battery. This allows the Volt to run more than 500 kilometers, as opposed to just over 60 kilometers on battery power alone.

Meanwhile, Nissan says it will price its electric model, the Leaf, at about 33,000 dollars for the US market. That's about 20 percent below the planned price for GM's Volt.

Nissan said on Tuesday that it will start selling the Leaf in December in 5 states, including Oregon and California.

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