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Monday, July 12, 2010

Total solar eclipse observed on Easter Island

Semenjak dua menjak ni kerap berlaku gerhana matahari dan bulan. Apakah pusingan bumi semakin laju atau bulan semakin laju? Petanda kerosakan semakin ketara

More than 4,000 tourists have flocked to Easter Island in the Southern Pacific to watch a total solar eclipse from the Chilean territory known for its "moai" stone statues.

Light from the Sun was blocked by the Moon along a narrow corridor from Tonga to Argentina on Sunday.

On Easter Island, a designated UNESCO World Heritage site, the eclipse lasted for about 4 minutes.

Visitors witnessed the "diamond ring" effect before and after the Moon obscured the Sun.

Some people tried to take photos or videos of the solar show against the backdrop of the stone statues.

The US space agency NASA says this is the first time in about 1,400 years that a total solar eclipse has been visible from Easter Island. It is believed that the last total eclipse occurred before the statues were constructed.

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