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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Japan police in China over tainted dumplings

Pasal keracunan makanan POLIS pergi ke negara lain sehingga ke kilang untuk siasat. 
Japanese police officials arrived in Beijing on Monday to discuss the possible indictment of a Chinese factory worker for poisoning dumplings that were imported into Japan.

The 10 officials include a senior member of the National Police Agency and investigators from 2 prefectures where the tainted frozen dumplings from China were discovered.

In March, Chinese police arrested a former worker at manufacturer Tianyang Food in Hebei Province. They say the man has admitted to using syringes to lace the dumplings with the pesticide, methamidophos.

Ten people in Japan were sickened after eating the dumplings in 2007 and 2008.
During their 2-day stay in China, the police officials will confirm how the suspect punctured the packages and other results of China's investigation. They will also visit the Tianyang Food factory to be briefed on how the dumplings are made and when they were poisoned.

The incident is seen as a factor in the growth of anti-China sentiment in Japan.

Our correspondent says Chinese authorities are aiming to improve bilateral ties by actively cooperating to solve the crime.

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