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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Nissan starts selling cars made in Thailand

Berapakah harga kereta ini jika dijual diMalaysia. Kalau ikut lepas campur tax ikut AFTA dalam RM40,000 kot (tu ikut rega jual kat Jepun - patut lagi murah sebab transport lagi murah lah. Rasanya tak mungkin reganya bawah RM50,000 jadi kesimpulannya TAKKAN jual kat Malaysia kot. Kita tunggu aje lah
Nissan Motor has begun sales in Japan of its all-new Nissan March subcompact car assembled in Thailand.

The automaker moved production of the popular small passenger vehicle from Japan and Britain to Thailand and India as part of its cost-cutting strategy. The company plans to sell the new March in 160 countries, including fast-growing emerging markets. Vehicles sold in Japan will be reverse imports from Thailand with a base sticker price of about 11,300 dollars -- 10 percent lower than previous models.

To ensure the quality demanded by Japanese consumers, Nissan brought Thai engineers for lengthy training at domestic plants, and will carry out final inspections upon the cars' arrival in Japan. The new March gets more than 24 kilometers to the liter, up from the 19 it used to offer, thanks to a new engine and a lighter body. Nissan's Chief Operating Officer Toshiyuki Shiga says the company regards its production base in Thailand as an extension of its conventional plants, and ensures that the quality of its vehicles remains unchanged.

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