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Thursday, July 15, 2010


Selangor MCA concedes Pakatan govt has done well

By FMT Staff
SHAH ALAM: Pakatan Rakyat has brought about effective changes in the last two years compared to when the state was under Barisan Nasional rule, said the Selangor MCA.
State MCA chief Kow Cheong Wei said although both groups had differing political ideology, it conceded that Pakatan has brought about some positive changes.
He cited the establishment of the Select Committee on Competency, Accountability and Transparency (Selcat) and Public Accounting Commission (PAC) as two such examples.
“I have also noticed that the Dewan (state assembly) sittings hours have been stretched to allow all assemblymen an opportunity to complete their individual motions.
“Issues that are not too heavy are shortened and this effectively saves time. The new system also encourage the newcomers (new YBs) to voice their views,” said Kow.
He also lauded Selangor’s latest decision to appoint a BN assemblyman to head its Public Accounting Committee (PAC).
“The appointment of Sungai Burung assemblyman Mohd Shamsuddin Lias also fulfils state MCA's aspirations to avoid jealousy, revenge and selfish pursuits.
“Selangor MCA fully supports a healthy political climate. Even if we have differing political ideology we are committed to ensuring quality of life for the rakyat,” he said.
Language skills need improvement
Kow also advised MCA youths aspiring for political life to first increase their proficiency in Bahasa Malaysia.
He said fluency in the language was extremely important when measuring the credibility of a leader and his political career, especially during debates in the state assembly.
“There is a group of politicians who now are struggling with the language during debates. Poor command of the language is also a setback when interacting with the rakyat.
"How do we counter or defend our stand on issues in the state assembly if we are not fluent in Bahasa Malaysia?" asked Kow.
“If there is a desire to immerse yourself in political life, then fluency in Bahasa Malaysia is a must,” he said after meeting with the Selangor state speaker Teng Chang Kim yesterday.
Citing Teng as a example, Kow said Teng’s fluency in Bahasa Malaysia made him a credible proponent of views and arguments especially when handling state assembly sittings.

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