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Friday, July 02, 2010


AMARAN !! Jangan sampai perkara yang sama terjadi di ZOO NEGARA. Ingat tak Zoo Negara pernah dicadangkan nak dipindahkan? Sebab nilai tanah bukan sebab kawasan tak sesuai. . . .
The Kiev Zoo has recently attracted attention of both the traditional and citizen media because of the alarming events happening there: quite a few animals at the Zoo have died under unclear circumstances during the last year. Ukrainian bloggers reacted emotionally to the events at the Kiev Zoo. Many believed that the animals had been poisoned in order to move the zoo to another location and sell the land to commercial developers. The area of the zoo is 34 hectares, this is quite a plot of land right in the center of the city, where the price of [100 square meters] varies from 5 to 10 thousand dollars. Many of you probably remember that three years ago there were rumors about building elite housing and a shopping mall there. The animals should have been moved to Vyshgorod [a town outside Kiev], but Vyshgorod’s plot appeared to be much smaller than Kiev’s. So the authorities decided to move some of the animals to the suburbs and to send the remaining animals to other zoos across the country. The moving was stopped because of a scandal with illegal land zoning that involved the City Council… 
The most interesting is that the majority of the dead animals were even-toed mammals – they are much hardier than predators or other animals. But it is easily explainable – all the dead animals had big open-air cages. The faster the cages will become empty, the faster our Zoo will be transformed into a cottage community for the rich…
Macam pernah dengar aje situasi ni...... Penjara Pudu?

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