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Friday, July 09, 2010


Habislah Sotong Paul ni... kalau kat JEPUN? sah jadik sushi.......
Octopus oracle in Germany in trouble
Some German soccer fans are venting their anger with Germany's World Cup semifinal loss to Spain at an octopus which predicted the result.

Paul the octopus, at an aquarium in Germany, is believed to be able to predict the winner of a game by picking food from one of 2 plastic containers lowered into his tank, each decorated with a national flag. In the 2010 World Cup, he correctly predicted 4 Group-stage and knockout-round wins and one Group-stage loss for Germany before Wednesday's semifinal.

On Tuesday, Paul was once again given the choice of picking food from the 2 containers---one decorated with a German flag, and another a Spanish flag. He went for the Spanish one. Spain did win, 1-0. Messages put up on the Internet by angry German fans demand that the octopus be roasted whole, or put into a tank of sharks.

In Spain, many people are grateful to Paul for their country advancing to the final and his increasing popularity has even led to the creation of a song for the octopus.

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