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Thursday, May 12, 2005

Artistes Guidelines

Taken from the news.

PERFORMERS and television stations in the country will soon have to abide by a list of Do’s and Don’ts, to be drawn up by the Islamic Development Department (Jakim).
The guidelines covering live concerts will make clear what performers can wear while on stage and the type of lyrics which are objectionable. National Fatwa Council chairman Datuk Dr Ismail Ibrahim said the proposal to have guidelines for artistes was brought up during a fatwa committee meeting chaired by Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi on Friday. Muftis who were concerned on the absence of guidelines for artistes who performed at live concerts raised the matter. Last year, religious officials argued that the time had come for Malaysia to have clear guidelines on what Muslims can or cannot do at concerts and carnivals. and also here.
At last, something that should had been done before. Comments from artistes? See below.
They are treating artistes as people who don’t know right from wrong" - Jeslina
So, if somebody is acting as a prostitute, does she have to wear a tudung? I cannot keep on making clothes for myself to keep in line with the proposed guidelines!” - Ida Nerina
The guidelines should also take into consideration the public’s mind set and their tolerance towards liberalisation. The guidelines must be consistent and not ambiguous in its interpretation." - Norman KRU
Imposing rules on artistes will only restrict their creativity. Each artiste has his or her own way of performing, especially on stage. No body wants to see a stick-stiff singer." - Ifa Raziah
If we have the money and means to educate the ‘artistes’, then why not educate before imposing the restrictions? It’s a free country and people have the freedom to switch off their TVs too." - Sarimah Ibrahim
Maybe they feel artistes are role models for today's generations and hence the focus. Still, I hope they will not isolate just a certain group of people.” - Nana AF1
How much longer do we want to control people’s lives? They can make choices on their own, as viewers can decide to not watch if it is offensive to them.” - Kak Pah
It is a responsibility to be a public figure, and I hope the proposed artistes conduct will materialise and be supported.” - Ning Baizura
"I don’t think Malaysian artistes are stupid and do things that would ruin their careers. Most Malaysian artistes know how to carry themselves in public.” - Dayang NurFaezah
Not all artistes know how to carry themselves in public. That’s for sure. Still, that doesn’t mean that all artists are like that." - Ella
My comments?
Jeslina - Yeah, the Zouk case allowed her to talk aloud. Even she didn't know what is right or wrong herself.
Ida Nerina - just make sure sponsors follow the guidelines for your sponsored clothes lah.
Kak Pah - . . . . takut contempt of court pulak.
Ning - she learned her lesson well.
Dayang - last month alone 4 artistes caught for drug abuse. Who else? That doesn't ruin their career only but also their life.
Ella - Good pro and cont verse but hmm. . .
Roughly the guidelines will be well accepted and no problem for Siti Nurhaliza (as from the hearsay). Even Final Audition 2 ladies performer wear baretop dress. This dress for Jeslina and Ida Nerina (as one of the judge in Audition2) is not a problem at all. That's why they will issue guidelines for performers AND TV stations. Artistes shows good or bad examples to the public. People tends to copycat their favorite artistes. Wait for the guidelines to come-out and then give your comments not comment now and show your stupidity towards your religion.
Comment from one of my friend :
"Hari tu aku lepak kat Uptown, sebelah meja Artis-artis tempatan.Minah2 tu pakai macam singlet aje + bole nampak pusat punya. Fuyoo...tak balik aku di buat nya :):)"

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