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Tuesday, May 03, 2005

The World Today

Isn't it interesting to note that during 80's, the likes of GreenPeace and other Naturalist were worried about our world and its environment. Well, their intention is good but their worries beyond truth. Their prediction that by the 21st Century, most of the animals will be gone. We can only see tigers, elephants etc in zoo and not at their natural habitats. Thanks to their concern, the wildlife still remain but is it true? I think we need to maintain and save our world but not beyond to the extent of what Green Peace projected. The Creator has and shows the way for the nature and us to survive. Seen one documentary in National Geographic Channel about snakes of Tioman Island. They found not only those snakes that thought to be extinct (one species last found in the 50's) but also new species - or sub species. The other documentary shows the life on the jungle canopy. Some of the animals thought to be extinct or less in numbers found out to be more of it but not found. Strange isn't it? Even the tigers in Malaysia was recently found out they are not Sumatran Tiger but the sub-species of Sumatran Tiger or the true Malayan Tiger.
Think about it.

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