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Monday, June 27, 2011


Protestors rally against French nuclear plant
Thousands of mainly German and Swiss protestors rallied at a French nuclear power plant, calling for its immediate closure.

On Sunday, about 7,000 people formed a human chain around the nuclear power plant at Fessenheim, in Alsace, in eastern France, near the border with Germany and Switzerland.

They shouted out for the immediate closure of the nuclear power plant in French, German, and even Japanese.

Afterwards at the meeting, an activist criticized the French government for not abolishing nuclear power plants, saying a nuclear accident in France would damage neighboring countries.

France has 58 nuclear reactors and remains a supporter of nuclear power generation even after the disaster at the nuclear plant in Fukushima, Japan. About 80 percent of its electricity is generated from nuclear reactors.

The governments of Germany and Switzerland have decided to phase out

Floodwater knocks out power to US nuclear plant
Water from a flooded river has halted electricity supply to a nuclear power plant in the US state of Nebraska.

External electricity supply to the Fort Calhoun nuclear power plant was cut on Sunday.

This comes after a beam built around the plant partially collapsed allowing floodwaters from the nearby Missouri River to surround the plant's main electrical transformers.

Emergency generators were then activated.

The plant operator says there is no risk of radiation leaking outside the facility. It says the beam's collapse did not affect the plant's spent fuel cooling system, as the emergency generators functioned properly.

Since April, the plant has been suspended for refueling the reactor.

The collapse follows a fire in the plant's electricity control room on June 7th. The plant lost power for more than one hour, causing the temperature in its spent fuel pool to rise slightly.

Local residents have expressed increased concerns over the plant's safety.

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