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Friday, August 05, 2005


Information from my friend in Sudan. Thank Allah for keeping him safe.

The situtation in Khartoum is getting better. On the first day (1/8) the southerners ran amuck. On the second day the northerners took charge and to some extent retaliated. On the third day the rumours went around Khartoum that another southerner leader from the "Neweer Tribe" General Paulino Matib was murdered. (Note John Garang's tribe is "Dinka"). Neweer and Dinka tribes are also used to be at war.
Some colleagues who are brave went out for lunch on the 3rd day... when they finished ordering the police came and asked them to leave, for fear of possible disturbances.
Today (the 4th day) the situation is getting better. However, we don't know about the weekend. The funeralis going to be held on Saturday, they may become emotional.
The night curfew is still on and all the shops have not opened.
Latest Update : terima hari ini (8/8/2005)
Sudan population is 34 million.(year 2004) There are about 250 tribes. 75% of these tribes are primarily Muslims/Arabs. The rest are Christians and Ethnic Religion (animist?), about 15 and 10% respectively.
Dinka (the tribe of John Garang and his successor Silva Kiir) is considered the biggest Christian tribe with about 2 million people. Nuer (the tribe of this General Paulino Matib) is the biggest animist tribe with over 1 million people. And yes the general has his own army...
Tribe rivalry is not uncommon. Cuba recall sejarah Arab sebelum Islam.. kerana kambing seekor dua tribe/kabilah boleh berperang berpuluh-puluh tahun.Bila tengok kejadian dua, tiga hari ini aku tidak heran macamana mereka boleh berperang.
Bayangkan, si John Garang ni mati pasal apa belum tahu lagi (atau almost confirm accident with no foul play), yang budak-budak ni mengamuk tak tentu hala... habiskedai dipecah, kereta dibakar, ada orang yang disembelih. Yang Arab pulak keesokan harinya balas balik... so bila nak selesai...
Ada seorang kawan yang berada di dalam ofis semasa kejadian di hari pertama (1/8), katanya macam tengok movie. Kereta sedang berjalan, mamat south ni baling batu di kiri kanan, driver lost control, hit something and the car flew and landed in the ditch. The southerners proceeded to burn the car. Somehow somebody saved the driver, but the car was history...
So imagine if the driver was you or your brother, what would you do when you see this southerner group the next day. Wouldn't you "do" something to them?
One thing will lead to another, and the next thing you find you are in a war...
Fortunately, now they are not at war in Khartoum, some 1400 people has been arrested by the police. Anyhow,kita tetap berjaga-jagalah.
Nota diatas tanpa editing yang dihantar oleh kawan. kalau ada gambar-gambar terbaru akan dimasukkan kemudian.

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