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Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Banyak agensi berita keluarkan berita fasal recall, kita nantikan berita penafian ini pula.
US: Toyota recorders show no electronic problems
The US Transportation Department says it has yet to find anything other than pedals getting stuck as a cause of sudden unintended acceleration in Toyota Motor vehicles.

The department released on Tuesday a preliminary report on its investigation into the cause of sudden acceleration in Toyota vehicles. The problem led the Japanese automaker to do a massive recall.

The report synthesizes the analysis of onboard data recorders in 58 vehicles done by the department's National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. It says in 35 cases the recorders did not indicate that the brakes were applied. In 14 cases there were indications that the brakes were depressed only partially or too late. The remaining cases either had no data or partial data.

The department says it has not yet found evidence to support the idea that a malfunction in the electronic throttle control system caused sudden acceleration.

The department says, however, that the results are from the initial part of its investigation and it is trying to determine the cause in cooperation with NASA and the National Academy of Sciences.

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