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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Monday, July 11, 2011


This one really gave me a goosebumps. With AVATAR movie trailer sound at the back - lets remember - MALAYSIA - THIS IS OUR LAND

Forever in denial mode, there is no hope left for the BN

Come on BN. Please get this into your heads. The Bersih Rally on July 9 was an outstanding success for its organisers and won the hearts and minds of Malaysians here and overseas. Many Singapore and Myanmar folk are now beginning to admire the brave Malaysians who stood up for their beliefs and principles.
Only fools and mad men would deny what is so obviously clear. So stop it. Stop the propaganda and white-washing. Repent and offer reform or forever hold your peace.
As high as 9 out 10 Malaysians would agree with this surmise, but no - not the powers that be. For some reason or other, they must resort to bare-faced lies, shenanigans, dramas of yesterdays and totally out-dated thought and strategies to defuse the A-grade bomb they personally created and exploded on behalf of their boss - Najib Razak.
Of lies and passing the buck
Take a look at the mainstream media reportage to get a drift of the Najib disconnect to reality.
TV3 reported a PKR member in uniform allegedly handing out RM200 to anyone who will march in the rally. Since the amount was too little, only one person accepted and decided to turn whistle blower. The rest of the 99,999 who attended refused and continued their noble march.
DAP was accused of sending a SMS message calling on the Chinese not to attend the rally, and to allow the Malays to fight among themselves. The Chinese refused to heed the SMS and went out in big numbers in support of the Malays so that they won’t fight among themselves.
The government noted that very few Chinese and Indians turned up at the rally. But an independent official headcount reported a total of 100,000 supporters, with about 67,500 Malays and other races, close to 25,000 Chinese and about 7,000 Indians were present.
It was totally a multiracial crowd which wasn’t very surprising. Even UMNO Youth were there with about 500 in red shirts to lend support, but against Bersih though. Only Perkasa was missing - surprisingly so? And no one met any exponent from Silat Lincah either.
The rally was a real failure as only 4 to 6 thousand supporters turned up and it is clear the Opposition lied when it boasted of a 300,000 strong crowd.
Najib also said that the police were not responsible for the death of one Bersih marcher. Of course the police are not responsible, as we know who the responsible person is. Najib also said, “Don’t make us start street demonstrations. Yesterday, we only sent our Umno Youth wing, led by Khairy Jamaluddin, to represent us."
Ooops, the cat is out of the bag again as we thought he was against street demonstrations. Of course, a red-faced Khairy tried his goody-two-shoes best to dust up after his boss.
“MIC Youth feels that the number of Malaysian Indians who participated in the Bersih rally held on Saturday was very minimal” remarked MIC Youth Chief Mohan. He was so proud to announce that to the world. But Bersih only needed 1 other Indian to be besides Dato’ Ambiga to prove Mohan's previous words wrong, and that was easily achieved.
PSM’s Sungai Siput MP Dr D Michael Jeyakumar, presently detained without trial under the Emergency Ordinance, has been admitted to the National Heart Institute (IJN) for heartbeat abnormality. The Police have made it clear, that if anything happens to his heart, it is not the fault of the Police and they will not bear responsibility. So fast they pass the buck. I guess Najib has been a good teacher, ya?
Multiracial crowd
Did the eldest daughter of despot Mahathir Mohamad really take part in the Bersih 2.0 rally for free and fair elections? This random photo taken from the rally speaks a thousand words too! Look carefully:
It’s not only Marina herself but from the left two guys perched on the gate and fence with a headband and a cap is probably an East Malaysian Iban, Murut or Kadazan but cannot say for certain. Standing next to him the girl that looks like Nicole David is probably of mixed heritage. Behind her, the man with spectacles and pink cape is probably Superman. Fronted in red with that cute smile is definitely a young Malay supporter. Standing beside him looks like their leader.
Behind him is an elderly Chinese lady with grey hair with her husband. And behind Marina is an Indian supporter but definitely not a member of MIC Youth.
So you see, the Bersih Rally is truly multiracial with young and old supporters from all races present.
Hush, hush... tsk, tsk... and the huff and a puff
PAS president Tuan Guru Abdul Hadi Awang has warned Barisan Nasional that the massive Bersih protests in the capital Saturday were only the beginning of the people’s uprising. Hush, hush.. don’t make the same mistake of forewarning the BN regime again, or else they will lockdown the city and start purchasing more defence equipment like water-cannons and teargas canisters which are seriously running out of stock after the last campaign.
DAP leader Lim Kit Siang reportedly said that 1Malaysia has been reduced to 1Malaysia T-shirt and 1 Malaysia Tupperware circus and insinuating that Bersih is actually 1Malaysia. Tsk..tsk.. How can Kit Siang say that? BN paid millions of ringgit for the 1Malaysia campaign and BN will be sore if Bersih is really 1Malaysia.
Prime Minister Najib Razak made a walkabout around Kuala Lumpur on Sunday. Many Malaysians said that Najib should have joined fellow Malaysians for the Bersih walk, instead of walking all alone the next day. Was he trying to clean up after Bersih? It would have made Malaysians proud of him.
But Najib still thinks he knows best.
“Umno and BN will continue to defend the principles of democracy in our country. We will ensure democracy and a free and clean general election,” said Najib with a huff before he walked off.      -     Malaysia Chronicle

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