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Friday, April 29, 2005

Jerebu ke?

Arghhh. . . semalam hujan lebat, siap dengan kilat dan guruh berdentum dentam. Hari ini dari pagi panas tak lah sangat nampaknya. Kat luar nampak macam mendung TETAPI argghhh . . .bahang jelas terasa. Ramalan di monitor computer ini menunjukkan suhu 33 Celcius. Hmm. . tak lah sepanas masa Equinox tempohari. Semasa equinox tempohari suhu mencecah 37 Celcius. memang amat panas di luar. Mungkin juga menjadi punya isteri sakit tekak sebab cuaca yang tidak menentu. Sekejap sejuk, sekejap panas. Apakah matahari semakin dekat dengan bumi? Wallahua'lam.

Thursday, April 28, 2005

TNB bil elektrik

Carian dari TNB website merujuk kepada cara pengiraan bill adalah seperti berikut.

The following is an example of how a bill is calculated:-
Take a current meter reading. Example: 022306 Subtract the last or previous month's meter reading figure as stated in the bill
Example of previous month's meter reading 022086 Amount consumed: 022306 - 022086 = 220 units
The calculation for a domestic customer's bill is as follows:-First 200 units @ 21.8 sen per unit = RM 43.60 Next 20 units @ 25.8 sen per unit = RM 5.16 Amount to be paid = RM 48.76. Customers need not to worry about the accuracy of calculation on their bills because meter readings and bill calculations are done by experienced Meter Readers.
However, should there be any error, adjustments will be made on the following month's bill.

Bagaimana kita boleh tahu pelarasan tersebut betul? itulah yang susahnya. . .
Saya merujuk kepada e-mail dari seorg rakan berkaitan bil yang dia terima.

" Bil March : Period : 26/02 to 20/03 { 22 days }
Units used : 147 x 0.218( Tarif A) ==> RM 32.05
142 x 0.258( Tarif B) ==>RM 36.64
RM 68.69 Average daily units : 13.13 / day

Current Bil ( April)Period : 20/03 to 25/04 { 36 days }
Units used : 200 x 0.218( Tarif A) ==> RM 43.60
273 x 0.258( Tarif B) ==> RM 70.43 =================================
RM 114.11 Average daily units : 13.13 / day

The March period was so short that the units for Tarif A has been pro-rated. As for April, the period is much longer, but the calculation of units is as normal. So number of units used is more, and more units will go under Tarif B - so TNB gets more from us.

I have re-calculated the above bills, assuming the period is monthly (about 30 days).
March : 26/02 to 26/03 { 28 days}
Units used ( based on units/day) :
368 ==> 200 x 0.218 = 43.60
168 x0.258 = 43.34
RM 86.94
April : 26/03 to 25/04 { 30 days}
Units used :
394 ==> 200 x 0.218 = 43.60
194 x 0.258 = 50.05
RM 93.65

As we all can see, the sum of original two bills is 182.8, while the sum of re-calculated bills is 180.59. The difference is about RM 2.00. Just imagine how much TNB gets from all of us Malaysians. "
Kalau lah ada sesiapa yang boleh membantu membetulkan pengiraan ni. . .

Wednesday, April 27, 2005

People Do Forget - Part 2

With so huge news coverage, the developers of surrouding areas at Bukit Cahaya finally bring to justice. Justice? The 4 developers where fined RM132,000 in total. From RM2,000 to up to RM50,000 respectively. Sigh. . . After this? they promise to plant trees and hillslopes and monitor bla, bla, bla and the projects? Will continue. What an RM50K to multi millions projects? If we see the following violation fines, nobody will care unless severe steps taken.
1. Failure to adhere to conditions in an EIA report concerning a housing and commercial project. The offence carries a fine of up to RM100,000 or five years’ jail or both under the Environment Quality Act 1974.
2. Carrying out land development work without prior approval from the Municipal Council. The offence is in violation of the Street, Drainage and Building Act 1974, which carries a fine of up to RM50,000, five years’ jail or both.
3. Failure to carry out land works in accordance with specifications by the council, including constructing a retention pond.The offence was in violation of the council’s by-laws and carries a fine of up to RM2,000.

電車事故ーJapan Train Accident

最近の日本電車事故ここここ 。怖いもんだね。俺が日本いたころ聞いたことね~事故だ。不注意事故だろうか?最近の人間の過労問題だろうか?俺の知合いいるのだろうか?いないとは思うけど。日本後にした10数年、最近NHKのニュースを見ても日本の治安状況も変わりつつあり、いつの機会か分らないけど俺はブレンドできるだろうか?日本へ埼玉(さいたま)へ行きたい。友達と会いたいな~。

People Do Forget

The news had highlighted the Environment Rape nearby Taman Pertanian, Bukit Cahaya, Shah Alam. After a while, all had long forgotten? I recalled the stopped-work order for two petrol station near Federal Highway at the back of UiTM by MB DS Khir Toyo due to extra area clearing done by the contractor. Now, the work has restarted after the go ahead approval but the area cleared seems wider than the last stopped. Why can this happen? The lung of Shah Alam had been cleared and now another on the go and nobody noticed or care about it? Really quite worrying looking at this situation now.

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Japan War Crime

SEVERAL MPs yesterday came out strongly to demand an apology and compensation from Japan for war crimes and atrocities committed in Malaysia during World War II.
They said although Japanese leaders had publicly apologised, including Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi at the Bandung 50th anniversary Asian-African Summit in Jakarta on Friday, their sincerity was "questionable".
Debating the Supplementary Supply (2004) Bill 2005, Opposition leader Lim Kit Siang said: "On the same morning that Koizumi apologised, some 80 MPs from the Japanese ruling party made their pilgrimage to the Yasukuni Shrine which also honours 14 Japanese war criminals."The Government should take the stand that the Japanese bid for a permanent seat in the United Nations Security Council should hinge on the Japanese Government’s sincerity in following up Koizumi’s apology in Jakarta."
Others whom agreed to this were Datuk Liow Tiong Lai (BN-Bentong) Datuk Badruddin Amiruldin (BN-Jerai) Datuk Mohamed Aziz (BN-Sri Gading) Datuk Bung Moktar Radin (BN-Kinabatangan)
MPs thumping their tables in support. more details here

I may not born during WWII but isn't the time to mentioned this matters where not good? A lot of Japanese companies had left Malaysia due to non competitiveness to other countries especially China and we gave them another 'good' reason to leave. I studied in Japan and been working with Japanese for years and I don't think it is suitable time for that.
Once my ex-MD mentioned to me regarding problems of transfer of technology in Malaysia. Since Japanese needs loyalty, the transfer of technology is slow because Malaysian tends to shift job whenever they gain experience and I agree to that. At least company needs one experience for 5 to 10 years depends on the company activities to ensure the smooth operation of the company.
Lately the trends maybe not as bad, but during 90's the turnover were very huge which also contribute to the employment of foreign worker. Operators tend to shift job for mere couple of bucks and you just cannot gain experience from that.
War is cruel and of course Japanese is not the only one. US in Vietnam, now in Iraq are the same. Soviet in Afghan is no exception. How about Israel and Palestine matter? Why the double standard? We must also understand one more thing - There are 2 types of history - The Real One and The Official One.
The recent demo in China is widespread but in Shanghai? The reason? Shanghai business rely on Japanese companies and they know what will happen if Japanese retreat from there. How about China treatment / history towards Taiwan?. How about their own story book towards Japan during the war? Do they put the real history or exaggerate it towards the truth they one?
Do we really need that? Are we capable enough to be on our own like China whom now, produce their own brand and we can see a lot of it anywhere, everywhere. MP's increament of 10% might made them think that the economic is still booming and we not need to worry but there are people out there who are struggling to survive and to find new jobs. If one hugh company close such as Sony or Matsushita, not only the employees but also the vendors will be effected. For those employees who are more than 35 with not so good educational background, who will employ them? A few may be lucky but a lot more may be not.
Add : Japan should concentrate more on ensure that the history won't repeat again and that what the MP's should ask for.

Vijay Singh Triumph Again

Seen Vijay played at Shell Houston Tour yesterday and he done it again in a row. First ever for the Shell Houston Tour. Sheesh. . . The first hole playoff shouldn't have happened if he didn't miss the put on the 18th. With the present performance, he may need more time to regain #1 spot but he's good, he's damn good. Seeing his history background, to be at his place now, he use to hit 1000 balls a day on hot & humid of Malaysia. more news on his playoff Here

Monday, April 25, 2005

Tsunami lagi ke?

Jika kita lihat pada bulan lepas, gamat bertaburan di pantai Port Dickson dan yang terbaru, di Perlis Selatan. Apakah akan berlaku lagi. Pemerhatian terhadap aktiviti gempa bumi (disini) atau (disini) walaupun terdapat aktiviti gempabumi yang lebih berselerak tetapi telah berkurangan sejak dari 29 March 2005. Semoga dijauhkan dari sebarang bala bencana. Tanda-tanda dunia akan kiamat. . .
Nasihat untuk mereka yang tidak pernah mengalami gempa bumi.
1. Bila terasa gempa - berlindung di bawah meja (untuk mengelak ditimpa barang dari atas).
2. Segera keluar ke tempat lapang bila sudah berhenti gegaran.
3. Untuk keselamatan, boleh sediakan beg keperluan minima - yang boleh dibawa keluar.
4. Masukkan dokumen berharga dalam satu tempat.
Semoga kenyataan ini dapat membantu kita

Malaysia Boleh

Check TV Smith for his latest ARE YOU MALAYSIAN? quiz. Try it yourself for a true malaysian spirit.



Drink water . . . lots of it?

We always heard and even received e-mails about drinking lots of water. How much is a lot enuff? We heard about drinking 1 liter of water in the morning before take breakfast. Can you? Would you? The fact that WE MUST drink at least 8 liters of water a day is true but how and when is the appropriate time. I came across an article about this matter. The fact that we need to drink a lot of water should base from our body needs. Our body is our best doctor. Water is still the best compare to kilojoule high beverages. When you feel thirsty, drink! The body inform you that it need it. Whether it is water or coffee. Your body will inform you if the water is not enough. People tends to skip drinking water for simple reason i.e. don't want to go to the loo. . . which in the end will effect your health. Possibilities of stone kidney problem, kidney failure and also thick blood problem. Basically when your body dehydrated, you can easily gobbled up to 2 liters of water. I tend to take less water during work in the office but during golf rounds, even 2 liters sometimes is not enough. Why? My body told me so. 'YOU NEED WATER'. Just something to share.

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