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Thursday, September 16, 2010


New humanoid robot developed
Japanese researchers have developed a humanoid robot that features lightweight and smooth movement.

The robot called HRP-4 was developed by a joint team from the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science And Technology and Kawada Industries. It was unveiled to the media on Wednesday.

Standing 1-point-5-1 meters and weighing 39 kilograms, the robot is approximately 20 kilograms lighter than previous models. Researchers say it can be handled more easily.

It has an increased ability to analyze information from a built-in camera and can measure the distance to a targeted object more accurately.

It also has an upgraded hearing device which picks up human voices and understands instructions. Its arms and legs move more smoothly and it can stand on one leg.

Kawada Industries in Tokyo says it plans to start selling the robot to colleges and research institutions from January next year.

A manager at Kawada, Isozumi Takakatsu, says he hopes the technology will lead to the development of a robot that can perform simple tasks as well as humans.

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