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Saturday, September 04, 2010


Malaysian minister visits water facility in Tokyo
Malaysia's energy and water minister has visited a waterworks facility in Tokyo, whose metropolitan government is working to sell its water-supply technology to Asian countries.

Peter Chin visited the operation center in Bunkyo Ward to learn about its state-of-art system on Friday.

The system can predict water demand by analyzing information on weather and water reservoirs at dams, and control the pressure and volume of the water supply for 24 hours.

Chin said Tokyo's technology is superb at preventing leaks and operating facilities that control the water supply, and that Tokyo will be eligible to enter Malaysia's water supply business.

Water demand in Malaysia is rising sharply due to its growing economy and population. The country's water supply has covered more than 90 percent of the country, but its leakage rate has reached 37 percent, compared to 3 percent in Tokyo.

Water demand is rising in other developing Asian countries as well. The size of world water business is expected to reach more than 1 trillion dollars in 2025.

The Tokyo Metropolitan Government plans to sell its water technology to 5 Asian countries, including India and Vietnam.

The government's Deputy Governor Naoki Inose says Tokyo will be able to contribute to the world by promoting its water technology, and that the government's technology will also improve.

Local governments in Yokohama and Osaka are also selling water-supply systems to developing countries.

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