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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Masjid di Ground Zero.

Matlamatnya untuk menghilangkan Islamifobia tetapi entahlah. Permintaan telah diminta bagi pihak keselamatan untuk meningkatkan keselamatan pada hariraya aidil fitri nanti yang kebetulan dijangka jatuh pada 11 September 2010 - Nine Eleven tu beb.

NY Mayor supports mosque near ground zero
New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg has expressed support for a plan to build an Islamic mosque near the World Trade Center site in the city.

This comes after President Barack Obama's recent emphasis on the freedom of religion in a speech. Obama also expressed understanding for those who oppose the plan.

Bloomberg applauded the president's remarks, and commented on Monday that it would be a sad day for America if the plan were not implemented.

The plan to build a mosque and community center near the site of the twin tower buildings targeted in the September 11th attacks in 2001 has triggered protests from the families of the victims and New York citizens.

Friction has occurred concerning the construction of Islamic mosques elsewhere in the US with regard to anti-terrorism sentiment and the freedom of religion.

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