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Monday, September 06, 2010


Apakah impak kepada alam sekitar? Pastinya Piranha akan lebih mengganas - feeding frenzy apabila air makin surut mungkin akibat dari kekurangan makanan. Apakah sama seperti cerita ini?
Piranha Poster
Amazon River in Peru hits lowest level in 41 years
The water level of Peru's Amazon River has fallen to the lowest point over the past 41 years since recording started due to drought.

Lack of rain and high temperatures are continuing in northeastern Peru. The water level of the Amazon River in its upper reaches is about 4 meters lower than usual in Iquitos, a major city in the region of Loreto. Local weather officials say the lowest level was recorded on Tuesday last week since they began keeping track in 1969.

The river is a major means of transporting both people and goods in the area. The drought has hampered traffic by big boats, and it takes twice as long as usual to transport goods, affecting daily lives of residents.
The area along the Amazon River is now in the dry season. Its water level is expected to fall by 20 to 30 centimeters from the current level in several weeks.

The local government is considering declaring a state of emergency for the area out of concern about the lack of drinking water.

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