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Monday, June 18, 2012


Dog surfing competition held in San Diego
Some 50 dogs from across the United States displayed their surfing skills at an annual dog surfing competition in San Diego, California, on Saturday.

The animal competed in 3 different categories: small dogs, large dogs, and tandem, in which dogs and their owners surf together.

The dogs were awarded points for the length of surfing time and their outfits.

They were given 10 minutes each to demonstrate their skills.

Some of the dogs were able to keep their balance for a long time and rode one wave after another.

A sheep dog named Abbie Girl took first place in the small dogs' competition for the third time.

The owner said he and his dog love to go surfing. He said it's an honor to win the contest.

The winners' owners received coupons for stays at luxury resorts and dog food.

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