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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Toyota unveils plug-in hybrid model

Ini kereta dalam taman bukan untuk jalan jauh KECUALI ada orang bleh bagi plug in letrik. Jauh lagi baru bleh guna sepenuhnya. 26 km? macam ada yang tak kena aje....

Toyota Motor plans to become the first Japanese automaker to market a rechargeable plug-in hybrid car that runs longer than present models.

Toyota on Tuesday unveiled the car, which is based on the company's gasoline-electric Prius hybrid but runs on a new type of large-capacity battery that can be recharged in a household power outlet.

The car can travel about 26 kilometers on a full charge using only its electric motor. Toyota says the feature sets this vehicle apart from standard hybrids.

The car is to be priced at around 41,000 dollars and go on sale this January.

Other automakers including Honda and Mitsubishi plan to begin selling similar plug-in hybrids next year or later.

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