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Monday, September 27, 2010


Anwar issue damaging Malaysia, says Branson

KUALA LUMPUR: Malaysia's investment outlook is currently favourable overseas but some issues need to be tackled so as to not damage the country's reputation among foreign investors, says flamboyant British tycoon, Richard Branson.
He cited former deputy prime minister Anwar Ibrahim sodomy's case as "a thorn in the side", of Malaysia's otherwise good reputation.
Speaking to about 800 business leaders here, he said a country's image was still important as it allows the government to attract investors and at the same time, implement better policies that complement it.

"I think Malaysia has a good reputation but some issues like what's happening with your ex-deputy prime minister (Anwar), is damaging Malaysia," he said in a special session at the Invest Asia 2010 forum, organised by the International Herald Tribune here today.

Branson was responding to questions on whether Malaysia's current economic and investment policies would be sustainable for future growth and if the political climate can affect investments. He also said the current political climate was not affecting Malaysia in a major way but the government needs to take bold measures to tackle issues.

Good business sense

"Generally speaking, I think Malaysia has a lot to teach us, the West, and we look forward to learning a lot from you," said Branson, who is reportedly worth US$4 billion (RM12.4 billion).

He founded the Virgin Group as a mail order record retailer and successfully expanded into music, air travel, mobile, hotel, aerospace and others, with around 200 companies in over 30 countries.

The tycoon, who celebrated his 60th birthday recently, also pointed out the importance of doing humanitarian work for entrepreneurs, as they have enough financial resources and entrepreneurial skills to help others in need.

"With excessive wealth, comes excessive responsibility. I think business leaders have the ability and experience that a politician does not.

"It is also good business sense for a company to do more than just taking care of its shareholders," he said.

The special session was moderated by former CNN news anchor, Lorraine Hahn.

The two-day forum which began today is themed, "Dawn of the New Decade".

It will see deliberations from 19 internationally recognised experts, sharing their views on alternative investments in Asia and ways to strengthen investment portfolios. 
- Bernama



lim pelaburan: Richard Branson selar sikap Anwar

27/09/2010 4:10pm

KUALA LUMPUR 27 Sept. – Bilionair dan usahawan terkenal dunia, Sir Richard Branson menyelar sikap bekas Timbalan Perdana Menteri, Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim sebagai perosak kepada imej dan iklim pelaburan negara.
Beliau yang juga pengasas Kumpulan Virgin berkata, iklim pelaburan Malaysia di peringkat antarabangsa amat menggalakkan tetapi beberapa isu perlu ditangani agar tidak menjejaskan reputasi negara di kalangan pelabur asing. - Utusan

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