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Thursday, August 04, 2005


Post di bawah ini aku ambil dari e-mail dan gambar yang dihantar rakan sepersekolahan yang sedang berada di Sudan atas urusan kerja. Kepada yang tak tahu apa berlaku boleh check ini.
Some experience I went thru today. I watched in the news about the death of VP John Garang, but didn't expect any problem since he died in a crash of a helicopter owned by Ugandan Army.
I was going for a meeting with one Khartoum state-owned company, on the way suddenly the van driver hit the emergency brake, and made u-turn...there were a crowd rioting on the street. The southern boys gang managed to throw some rocks at our van.
I was not that afraid, or shocked so we looked for alternative roads to the office. But somehow we were led farther and farther away from the city because the streets were full of riots. The driver took the shortcuts and kampung road to evade the rioters, but somehow we were connered.
So we parked the van behind one old contenna. Luckily one of the house owners allowed us in with the van also parked inside their compound. Minutes later I heard shootings. I could not contact anybody in Khartoum. But when I tried calling Malaysia, I managed to contact one colleague. I told him to tell people that I was safe.
One of my staff, a southerner, went outside the compound to survey the area. He was nearly shot by the police when the southerners gang was running away from the police and he accidentally joined the crowd.Luckily he was saved when one of the local allowed him in.
We were dead worried about this staff of mine. When things went quiet for a while, he emerged at the place we were hiding. I told him I was very worried about him , funnily he told me he was worried about me because he 's afraid I would go out to look for him.
The good part... the house owner treat us with lunch(they call breakfast at 11.00am), bread with foulbean, egg etc. At about 2pm we were told that the security forces had managed to control the situation and it was safe to go out.
So we came back straight to Office. People at the office were worried about me too.They were making solat hajat already... I was told a few other staff are also stuck at some of other work locations.
Have another lunch, the office ordered from hotel since nobody's allowed out yet...
Morale of the story... problem macamana pun.. soru tak miss...On the serious note.. I feel very lucky to be safe...Thanks to Allah..."
Aku harap Chalok sihat dan dapat reply e-mail kengkawan yang menanti berita.

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